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The CAKE Posting Document - Browser AJAX Post

This document will walk you through an explanation of the CAKE Posting Document with Browser AJAX Post selected.

The 3rd option available on the Posting Document is the HTTP AJAX Post.

This option is for more advanced users as it will require more programming functions.

The set up of the HTTP AJAX Post is virtually identical to the HTTP Browser Post except for a couple of items.

The Offer ID will still be required and hard coded to the Landing Page.

The Posting Instructions are also very similar. Take note of the slight changes.

The Posting Instructions now specify form id=“ckm_form”

Additionally, our AJAX library must be added to the landing page as well. It is this script that opens the communication between Cake and your hosted landing page.

The Response from CAKE will be slightly different with the Browser AJAX Post.

Unlike the XML Response one can expect from the other methods, a Success will simply result in the user being redirected to the specified Thank You Link. (located in Offer Card)

Likewise, an error message will also be different from the other Post methods.

An error will result in an error message displayed to the user. The various messages that the hosted landing page shows can be customizable.

The last section of the Browser AJAX Posting Document will list out possible customizations.

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