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Why Is CAKE Not Displaying Correctly?

This article will cover:

Why is CAKE Not Displaying Correctly?

If you are experiencing  CAKE not displaying properly in your browser, such as cards or wizards not opening or reporting not loading, it may be because your browser is cached,  you have an ad blocker preventing CAKE to load correctly, or a browser setting is limiting viewability. 

Possible Solutions

If you are experiencing the above scenario, try these possible solutions to alleviate the issues. If these solutions do not fix the problem, please call the CAKE Technical Support team for assistance. 

  • Make Sure You Are Not Zoomed In or Out

    • Make sure the zoom on your browser is set to 0%. Non-standard page sizes can interfere with the browser rendering cards and wizards. Instructions on how to do this will be determined by your browser and computer type. For Mac, try Command+0, or on your Browser Menubar, click View to find the zoom settings.

  • Refresh Your Browser Window

    • A simple refresh of the browser might help reload components that otherwise might have timed out. You can find the Refresh button of your browser on the main toolbar.

  • Disable Ad Blockers and Browser Extensions 
    • Ad blockers and browser extensions can often interfere with CAKE loading certain elements of the user interface and should be disabled while investigating your viewability issues. Many ad blockers will have an option to mark a site as "trusted" which would allow CAKE to load all elements correctly.

  • Try Using a Private Browsing Session

    • Private browsing windows, also known as Incognito, often load webpages separate from the browser's cache. If you're able to view CAKE properly in a private browsing window, it is likely that you were experiencing a caching issue and should clear your browser's cache.

  • Clear Your Cache

    • Clearing the cache on your browser will force your browser to load all components of a webpage anew when you access the page again and will likely resolve your issue. When clearing your cache, you do not have to also clear cookies which could be disruptive as it would likely remove saved passwords from websites your frequently visit.

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