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Reporting FAQ

How Can I Make Sure a Report Always Show Stats in Descending Order?
CAKE Reports can be customized using our Custom Views functionality. To learn how to save a report with a specific column defaulting to descending, read more about custom views here.
Why Does the Affiliate Report Show a Different Amount From the Affiliate's Bill for the Same Period?
Generating a bill in Accounting takes a snapshot of the conversion cost and revenue within a specific billing period. After a bill has been generated, you still have the ability to update conversion cost and/or revenue. Updating conversions does not impact a bill that has been previously generated. In this scenario, we recommend you delete the bill and then regenerate the bill. To delete a bill, click the red remove button to the right of the bill. Then, click on the Generate Missing Bills button. This will take a new snapshot of the conversion data, which should now match your reports. Read more about Accounting here
How Can I View a Report in my Partner's Timezone?
CAKE Reports can be customized using our Custom Views functionality. To learn how to add a time zone filter to your report, read more about custom views here.
What is the Global Redirect Line Item in my Offer/Site Report?
While viewing an Offer/Site report, you may see a row in the report with the name, Global Redirect. This references the traffic that has been redirected away from the intended landing page due to a rule that was triggered. Often times this can be due to an Inactive Affiliate, a Geo Targeting rule, or one of several other reasons you can learn about in our redirect strategy, here.
How are Cost, Profit, and EPC Calculated?
Cost is an aggregate of all payable commissions to your affiliate partners based on the payout(s) set on the Campaign.  The total displayed in the report will include conversions and events that were tracked during the timeframe of the report. Profit is the difference between the revenue you generated and the cost to your affiliate. EPC stands for Earnings Per Click, in CAKE this is your Affiliate's earnings and is calculated by your Cost divided by the number of Clicks generated. For example, $1,000 Cost / 20,000 Clicks = $0.05 EPC. The EPC is displayed in the Affiliate Portal so that affiliates can gauge their potential earnings for an Offer.
Why is the Referrer Column Empty on the Click Report?
Sometimes, the referrer field shows as blank when reviewing the Click report or the Referrer drill down in Reports. This happens when the referrer URL is not passed through the browser headers when a consumer is redirected through the CAKE tracking link. This could also happen if a consumer clicks on a CAKE tracking link outside of a webpage, for example, the tracking link was embedded within an email. 
Why Doesn't my Reporting Match my Affiliate's or my Advertiser's?
It is fairly common to find a slight discrepancy between the reporting numbers in CAKE when compared with the reporting numbers of your affiliate or advertiser partners. This is mostly due to the different attribution options between platforms and how you have configured your Offer to count clicks and attribute conversions to your partners. Refer to our troubleshooting article to learn more. 
How Can I Add Additional Data Points to my Report View?
CAKE Reports can be customized using our Custom Views functionality. To learn how to add a custom column, read more about custom report calculations here
Why Isn't My Report Loading?
Most commonly, a report is not loading because the amount of data that you have requested is too large to process. Year to Date (YTD) reports, or itemized reports like our Click Report can be challenging to load if there is a large amount of data in the selected filters. First, try to run the report using a shorter time frame. If you are still experiencing issues, contact the CAKE Technical Support team. 
How Can I Remove the Report Columns I Don't Want?
CAKE Reports can be customized using our Custom Views functionality.  To learn how to remove reporting columns, read more about custom views here
How Can I Make Sure My Conversion Pixel is Being Fired?
If you provided your advertiser with the CAKE conversion pixel and have performed an Offer or Campaign level test and do not see a recorded conversion you will want to check the Pixel Log to ensure CAKE is receiving the pixel call at the time of conversion. The CAKE Pixel Log is a report of all inbound pixel requests to your system and will track pixel requests that resulted in a conversion or if the pixel was ignored. The Pixel Log will provide a disposition if the pixel was ignored. Click here to learn more about the CAKE Pixel Log

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