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How to Manage Buyer Groups

This article will cover the following:

  • What is a Buyer Group?
  • Creating Buyer Groups
  • Add Buyer to Buyer Group

What is a Buyer Group?

A buyer group is a way of grouping buyer contracts to prevent a lead from selling to more than 1 buyer within that group.

Buyers grouped under the same buyer group are effectively considered one entity and once a success response is received from a buyer within a buyer group, CAKE will not attempt to sell the lead to any other buyers within that buyer group. In a multisell scenario, if a buyer within the buyer group has a multisell delivery type, CAKE must find another multisell or hybrid buyer outside of the buyer group in order to successfully sell that lead. 

Example: Buyer A, B and C are part of a Buyer Group.  Buyer B, C and D all have contracts configured to purchase leads under a multisell delivery type.  If a lead successfully sells to Buyer C then it must also sell to buyer D because buyer B will not be eligible for this lead since it is in the same Buyer Group as buyer C.

Creating Buyer Groups

There are two ways to add a Buyer Group.

The first option is through the Lead Gen main tab hover menu. Navigate the hover menu accordingly: Lead Gen > Buyers > Add Buyer Group

You can also add or edit Buyer Groups from within your Setup main tab. In the Setup main tab > Other Lists sub tab (in the left hand navigation bar) > Buyer Groups. Double-clicking a row will allow you to change the Buyer Group name.

Add Buyer to Buyer Group

To add a Buyer to a group:

  1. Open the Buyer card
  2. Within the Home tab, go to the Advanced sub tab
  3. Here you can select the Buyer Group to associate a Buyer to

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