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How to Manage Redacted Lead Fields

This article will cover:

What Are Redacted Fields?

Redacted Fields allow you to select individual lead fields to be distributed from source to buyer as normal but stored in the CAKE database using an encrypted hash format. Redacted Fields was introduced in CAKE to handle the compliance concern centered around capturing and storing consumers' personal information. It ensures you can suppress specific fields from being decrypted by the CAKE UI and APIs.

How Do I Enable The Redacted Lead Field Feature?

Redacted Fields is a feature within our Lead Distribution Product. To enable this feature, contact your CAKE client success manager or submit a ticket to technical support.

How To Setup Redacted Lead Fields

To update a field to be redacted, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Vertical card 
  2. Click on the Fields tab
  3. Double click on the field to edit
  4. Tick the checkbox in the Redacted column

How To Setup Redacted Lead Fields: Vertical Card

Redacted controls Show In Reports and Hide From Buyer settings. When enabling redacted, CAKE automatically makes Show in Reports = False and Hide From Buyer = True. When disabling redacted, the values for these settings are not preserved so you will have to change these settings to your liking.


If you have multiple verticals, any default field that has been set to redacted will be set as such across all verticals.

How To View Redacted Fields On A Lead Card

On the lead card, Redacted Fields will only render a label of help text indicating a field has been redacted.

Lead Card Redacted Fields Display

How To View Redacted Fields In Reports

When a report includes a column for a Redacted Field, each value in the row will render a label of help text indicating a field has been redacted.

Redacted Reporting Display


Can I still search for leads by email address even if that field was redacted?

    Yes, if you know the lead email then you can still query the CAKE instance to find the exact record.


Does this feature work with custom fields?

    Yes, if a custom field has a formula containing a redacted field, CAKE will not render that field in the formula.

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