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How to Group Multiple Lead Fields Into One

This article will cover:

  • What are Grouped Fields
  • How to create Grouped Fields

Grouped fields allow you to capture multiple post fields into a single Vertical Field in your system.

Group Fields are not displayed on the posting doc. The point is to promote the fields you want. If the fields that are being posted to you do NOT match the posting docs field, CAKE will NOT store them.

What are Grouped Fields?

Grouped fields can be used to concatenate multiple fields from a form into a single field for instance...

work_area,work_prefix,work_suffix = phone_work

This means anytime someone post either of those three fields, we will store them to your phone_work field in cupCAKE.

Implementing Grouped Fields

Double click on the field you want to add group fields to. This makes the field editable, once the field pops, you can input your parameter names you want to group.
*Make sure to click update to save changes.

If you wish to add multiple Grouped Fields, you will input each parameter in a comma separated list. In this example I added email_address,e_mail to the Email Address(email) field.

Grouped Fields Scenario

With group fields, you can correct mismatched post parameters.

Example: If your affiliate is posting e_mail, it would NOT be stored.

So rather than having the affiliate update their post method, you can add e_mail as a group field to correct this without any cooperation from the affiliate.

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