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How to Add Vertical Lead Fields

This article will cover

What are Vertical Lead Fields?

Vertical Lead Fields allow you to collect and validate lead data from a form fill, examples of lead fields include Name, Email Address, Title, and much more. Lead fields are managed at the Vertical in CAKE because it is the highest level of Offer categorization and is assumed that Offers within a certain category, or Vertical, will have similar lead fields being collected.

How to Edit a Default Vertical Lead Field

CAKE Lead Distribution Software provides default lead fields on the Vertical which are the most common fields typically collected on a lead generation form. 

To edit a vertical lead field, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Vertical card
  2. Click on the Fields tab
  3. Double click on the Field Name to make a change 
  4. Click Save


Any changes to a Default Vertical Lead Field, including deleting the Lead Field, will make that same change across all Verticals. 

How to Add a Vertical Lead Field

To add a new vertical lead field, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Vertical card
  2. Click on the Fields tab
  3. Click the Add button
  4. Input the field Label which is the plain text name of the field you're collecting
  5. Input the field Name which is how it will be collected by the form or server, it cannot contain spaces
  6. Optionally use Group Fields to combine multiple fields into one, e.g. Phone Number is usually collected in 3 separate fields but can be grouped into “home_phone”. The affiliate or form may post the fields into CAKE as such: home_area, home_prefix, home_suffix. CAKE will group the 3 fields and make 1 field.
  7. Select the field Data Type:
    1. String: A string will receive any text sent to CAKE. You can apply a maximum length to a string.
    2. Date: A date should be used when your form or affiliate is posting a date
    3. Number: A number is similar to a string except CAKE can create validation or filters using math
    4. List: A list allows for a custom list of values to be built.  Any value other than what is on the list will now be accepted into CAKE. Values on a list can also be mapped to a specific value the buyer requires
    5. Bool: A bool (or boolean) will accept a value of 1 or 0.  It will also accept yes or no
  8. Input the field's Maximum Length in characters for a String or List field data type
  9. Tick Show In Reports if you want the new field to be shown in the Lead Detail Reports
  10. Tick Hide From Buyer if you do not want to show the field to Buyer in the Buyer Portal

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