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How to Add a Campaign

This article will cover:

What is a Campaign?

A Campaign in CAKE is the relationship between an Affiliate or SubAffiliate, and the Offer they are running traffic to. On the Campaign, you can adjust an Affiliate's payout, caps, and generate tracking links, and place affiliate pixels.

How to Add a Campaign

The Campaign wizard can be accessed from the following:

  • The Campaigns tab of the Affiliate card
  • The Campaigns tab of the Offer card
  • The Campaigns section of the Action Menu icon

How to create a Campaign

To add a new Campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Select the Affiliate from the wizard
  2. Select the Offer
  3. Select the Media Type
  4. Enter the Affiliate's payout amount in the Price field
  5. Set the Campaign's Status 
  6. Click Next to review your Campaign settings
  7. Click Finish


Inactive and Pending Campaigns will redirect clicks through the redirect strategy.

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