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How to Manage Payouts from the Custom Payouts Report

This article will cover the following:

- What is the custom payout report

- How to use the Custom Payouts report

What is the Custom Payout Report?

This report allows you to see the various differences between your affiliate payouts and the default payout(s) on an offer. It was designed to help clients when trying to determine which campaign payouts to change when modifying an affiliate's tier, but can be used as a quick reference when evaluating payouts and one of the only locations that aggregates a full list of campaigns in your system.

It can be found by going to the main Affiliate tab > Custom Payouts sub tab.

The Basics

When first loaded, this report will display all campaigns in your system.  

Filters include affiliate name, affiliate tags, tiers, offers, original (campaigns), payout mismatch, currency mismatch, tier mismatch and future dated payouts.

Each filter will be defined in this document.


The original filter will exclude any non-original campaigns from being displayed.  

You can then see all original campaigns and how their payouts stand compared to the default payout for that offer (or offer contract if there are multiple). You can filter this further to show you only campaigns where the campaign payouts do not match the default by selecting additional filters explained in the next sections.

Sample use: When changing campaign payouts for an offer - you can see all the payouts across all original and non-original campaigns to determine whether they should all be changed or not.

Payout Mismatch

The payout mismatch filter the report to include only those campaigns where the payout does not match the default payout of the offer or offer contract.  CAKE takes currencies into consideration in this view so even if the payout value is the same, if the currency is not the same as the offer - that will be included as the converted value would be different.

Sample use: When changing an affiliate tier the wizard will ask whether you want to change all payouts regardless of whether they are different than the default.  You may want to leave custom payouts if they are different than the default, as they were given intentionally.  This will allow you to be aware of any campaigns where a custom payout has been given.

Currency Mismatch

The currency mismatch filter will only display campaigns where the campaign payout currency is different than the default offer currency.

Sample use: When changing a payout for campaigns running an offer you will be asked whether you want to also adjust cases where the currency is different than that of the default.  This will help you see cases where there may be a exchange rate to consider.

Tier Mismatch

The tier mismatch filter will only display campaigns where the existing campaign's tier is different than the offer contract that should be used for that affiliate's tier.  For example, if a 'Bronze' affiliate has a campaign tied to the offer contract meant for 'Silver' tier affiliates, that would be shown.

Sample use: This allows you to see whether cases where an affiliate is running an offer contract other than what they should be running according to their tier and decide whether you would like to change it or not.

Future Dated Payouts

Future Dated Payouts filter will display campaigns with original payout and future scheduled or expired payout changes.

Changing Payout from the Custom Payouts Report

If you would like to update payouts directly from this report:

  1. Highlight or check the boxes next to the campaigns you would like to change
  2. And click the Update Payout button
  3. A new window to insert the new payout will appear
  4. Click Save when you are ready to update the payouts

Note: This tool does not allow for currency conversions - only straight payout changes.

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