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How To Integrate With TUNE

This Article Will Cover:

Requirements For Integration

There are two primary pieces to create a tracking integration between CAKE and a 3rd party attribution platform. These two pieces allow you to track clicks and conversions in real-time.

The first item is a tracking link and the second is a Postback URL, which facilitates server-to-server tracking.

If you are the affiliate, you will be receiving a tracking link and providing the CAKE Postback URL to your advertiser.

If you are the advertiser, you will be receiving a postback URL and providing a tracking link to your affiliate.

How To Integrate CAKE To An Advertiser On TUNE

As the affiliate in this situation, you will need your advertiser's tracking link.  This is also referred to as the redirect link.

This link will be configured within the Offer as the Landing Page within CAKE.

Before you place the TUNE tracking link, it will need to be configured to include CAKE's session ID token.


Before the CAKE postback can be placed in TUNE, update it to include the appropriate TUNE token.



How To Integrate An Affiliate On TUNE To CaKE

As the advertiser in this situation, you will need to provide a tracking link and request a Postback URL from your affiliate.

Before the CAKE tracking link can be placed as the landing page in TUNE, update it to include TUNE's transaction ID token.



Before the TUNE postback can be placed in CAKE, update it to include CAKE's s2 token.


To place the affiliate's postback URL within CAKE, follow these steps:

  1. Open the affiliate's Campaign Card
  2. Within the Home Tab, click the Pixels tab
  3. Paste the Postback URL into the Postback URL field
  4. Click Save


CAKE has five open parameters in it's tracking link structure which are s1-s5. The s1= parameter is strictly reserved for SubAffiliate IDs and should never be used when passing HasOffer's transaction id to CAKE. Alternatively, s2=, s3=, s4= or s5= can be used along with it's corresponding token of #s2#, #s3#,#s4#, or #s5# respectively.


Is CAKE's Transaction ID the same thing as TUNE's transaction ID?

    NO, CAKE's Transaction ID (t=) is an optional parameter within the Postback URL that can be used to receive a unique Conversion or Lead ID from the advertiser.  TUNE's Transaction ID is the same as CAKE's Request ID.

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