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eCommerce: Commerce Pixel

This article will cover the following:

- Sample commerce pixels

- Pixel Parameters

Sample Commerce Pixels

As part of our support for ecommerce and product data in CAKE, we also expanded the functionality of our commerce pixel.  On ecommerce (Storefront based) offers, you can now implement the CAKE commerce pixel (conversion pixel) to pass order detail information when an order is generated.

The updated pixel format looks like the following:  

Sample Commerce Conversion Pixel

<iframe src="^201^242&ecqu=1^2^3&ecpr=10.00^8.00^12.00&ecld=0^1.00&ecst=61.00&ecd=2&ectx=5.80&ecsh=5.00&ect=69.80&ecco=US&ecrg=CA&p=61.00" width="1" height="1" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Sample Postback Request (Server to Server)^321CMS^987132&ecqu=1^2^3&ecpr=10.00^8.00^12.00&ecv=CA32X7&ecc=FF25^SHOES50OFF&eccu=USD&ecst=62.00&ectx=5.80&ecsh=5.00&ect=72.80&ecco=US&ecrg=CA&p=61.00

Pixel Parameters

r - request Id - generated by CAKE (append your offer link with #reqid#)

e - CAKE event ID

a - Advertiser ID

ect - Order Total *

p - Revenue - If you are using a Revshare model on orders, you will need to pass the revenue in the 'p' parameter.  This should be the value from which you want to calculate the Revshare price.

t - Order/Transaction ID

ecv - Voucher

ecc - Coupon

eccu - Order Currency

ecd - Order Discount

ecst - Order Sub Total

ectx - Order Tax (Total Order Tax)

ecsh - Order Shipping

ecco  Shipping Country

ecrg  Shipping Region

ect - Order Total

Please note: if you use any of the following parameters, the all of them are required:

ecsk - Line Item SKU

ecqu - Line Item Quantity

ecpr - Line Item Price Per Item

ecld - Line Item Discount

*Denotes Mandatory Fields

If you have multiple line items as part of your order, you can separate them respectively with the"^" symbol.  For example, you may have an order that has two line items (two skus).  You can post both skus in the ecsk parameter (sku parameter) as such: exsk=sku1^sku2

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