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How to Test a Campaign

This article will cover:

What is Testing a Campaign?

Testing a Campaign allows you to ensure impression, click, and conversion tracking is accurate for both you and your Affiliate. 


Before testing, you will want to verify that your Advertiser has placed the conversion pixel on the page where the conversion takes place.

How to Test a Campaign

To test a Campaign, you will need to access the CAKE Testing page from the Campaign card, to do so follow these steps:

  1. Open the Campaign card
  2. Click the Test button on the Home tab to open the Testing Instructions page

From the Testing Instructions page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Clear button to clear all cookies related to this Offer
  2. Click Turn On to enable test mode so that clicks and conversions are not included in reporting metrics (note if you are testing affiliate postbacks, you should turn Test Mode off, as it suppresses the affiliate's pixels)
  3. Click the Testing Link to be redirected to the Landing Page (all Targeting is bypassed while using test mode)
  4. Perform necessary steps to convert on the Offer and reach the page where the Conversion Pixel should fire
  5. Return back to the Testing Instructions page and click See The Results

How to Interpret Test Results

After your test has been completed and you've clicked "See The Results" you should see the following information:

  • Click Info: this section will show:
    • Date Clicked: the timestamp of your click
    • Total Clicks: the total number of clicks CAKE counted during the test
  • Conversion Info: this section will show:
    • Event Type: if CAKE tracked a Conversion or Event during the test
    • Date Converted: the timestamp of the conversion recorded
    • Test Lead: if the conversion/event was marked as a test
    • Unique ID: the CAKE Conversion ID 
    • Affiliate Pixel Fired: If CAKE fired the Affiliate's Campaign Pixel
    • Order ID: the Advertiser's Transaction ID 

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