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How to Add a List Manager

This document will cover the following:

- Creating a New List Manager

- Add a New List Manager Wizard

- Optin Only

- Posting Leads to a List Manager

- Mapping a Response

Creating A New List Manager

List Managers can be found in Settings.
To add a new List Manager:
1) Click on the Settings Main Tab
2) Click on the List Managers Sub Tab
3) Click on the Add List Manager Button

Add A New List Manager Wizard

A List Manager only requires a Name.
Click Next and Finish to open the List Manager.

Optin Only

Unlike Buyer Contracts, a List Manager only has 1 Filter.
All leads can be submitted to a List Manager or ONLY leads where the Optin field is "True".
This can be selected in the Info Tab of the List Manager.

Posting Leads To A List Manager

Similar to a Buyer Contract, a List Manager will require a Post URL and a mapping of Cake Vertical Fields to the fields the List Manager is receiving.
The Post Fields are mapped in the Delivery Method tab of the List Manager.
To add a new Post Field:
1) Click the Add button
2) Type in a Parameter Value. This is the value the List Manager requires.
3) Map the Parameter to a Field. This is a dropdown of all Vertical Fields.

***Cake can submit the leads in XML as well by adding the XML to the XML Post tab.***

Mapping A Response

The List Manager will provide a success response. This response needs to be interpreted as a Success in Cake.
Click the Add button and type in the exact success response. THIS IS NOT ALWAYS "success" AND IS UNIQUE TO THE LIST MANAGER.

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