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Understanding the CAKE Buyer Contract Priority for Selling Leads

This Document outlines the process that occurs when CAKE receives a lead and how the Buyer Contracts are prioritized for their selection.

Assuming at this point the Lead has already been posted into CAKE, gone past any filters setup at the Vertical or Offer level and is a valid lead to be sold. Also the Buyer Contracts displayed are all available, have Cap remaining, meet all the Routing Rules and the Buyer has enough balance/credit to buy the Lead.

Below you'll find three different scenarios mapped on how CAKE will check on who the lead should be sold and posted to. The Buyer Contracts are set up as follow:


Scenario #1 (BC - Buyer Contract)

    • BC: Newport:  £10 - No priority 
    • BC: New York:  £15 - Priority enabled - Ranking set to 1
    • BC: London:  £12 - Priority enabled - Ranking set to 0 

Scenario #2 (BC - Buyer Contract)

    • BC: Newport:  £10 - No priority 
    • BC: New York:  £15 - No priority 
    • BC: London:  £12 - Priority enabled - Ranking set to 0.

Scenario #3 (BC - Buyer Contract)

    • BC: Newport:  £10 - No priority 
    • BC: New York:  £15 - No priority 
    • BC: London:  £12 - No priority


  1. Once the lead is posted, CAKE checks for Active Contracts in the Offer's Vertical.

  2. Once the open Contracts are identified, CAKE determines contracts by the following:

Routing Rules - Checks any routing rules set up. Distribution rules can be set up in order to block Offer from sending the leads to particular contract of create a exclusive Buyer-Source relationship.

Schedule - Buyer Contracts can be set to be open at certain time of the day and the week which allows Buyers to only receive Leads at certain times i.e. whenever their call-center is open. 

   This stage is passed if the contract is open for business at the time of the Lead post.

Caps - Mandatory caps need to be set in order to limit how many leads can be bought by the Buyer Contract per day. If the cap has not been reached, this stage is passed.

Credit/Balance - In order to be able to sell a lead to a Buyer Contract the Buyer needs to have either a positive balance or remaining credit balance higher than the price of the lead. 

     3. Order of sale to Contracts based on:

Priority - Rank - The first property CAKE will look in order to create the order of the buyer contracts to sell to is whether they have 'priority' enabled.

     If they do they will be considered first and compared against all other BC's with Priority enabled using their rank (0 is the highest).

     If there's no priority set, CAKE will look for the highest price in order to sell the lead to the BC that will pay the most for that lead.

Price - If no Priority/Rank is set, the lead will sell to the highest bidder.


     Scenario Contract Selection

Scenario #1: In this case, even though both Buyer Contracts New York and London have priority enabled, BC London wins due to having a higher Rank of 0. Priority Rank of 0 is the highest possible Rank.

Scenario #2: Although Buyer Contract New York has a higher bidding price, BC London gets the lead due to having priority.

Scenario #3: Buyer Contract London gets the lead solely based on the bidding price.

     *Round Robin

If 2 or more contracts are equal in priority and/or price, then they will be processed sequentially between the contracts.

     Price & Priority setup

Price and priority can be set up in the delivery schedule stage in the Buyer Contract card.

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