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How to Configure Server-to-Server Tracking with a TUNE (HasOffers) Advertiser

This article will cover:

What is Server-to-Server Tracking?

Server-to-server tracking is a method of tracking conversions using a unique identifier, instead of relying on cookies. With server-to-server tracking, the advertiser is responsible for storing that unique identifier and passing it back to the tracking platform when a user completes a conversion.

The unique identifier, in CAKE, is called the Request ID, which is sent to the TUNE platform via the tracking link and should be sent back to CAKE in the Postback URL.

How to Configure the Landing Page URL for Your Advertiser

Your advertiser will provide a TUNE tracking link that will look similar to this:

Example TUNE tracking link before it has been modified:

This tracking link will be used as the Landing Page URL on your Offer in CAKE.

the TUNE tracking link will need to be updated to pass the CAKE Request ID in TUNE’s "aff_sub" parameter.

To update the Landing Page URL (the TUNE tracking link), follow these steps:

  1. Open the Offer card

  2. Navigate to the Info sub-tab of the Home tab

  3. Click on the Edit button below the Landing Page field (This will redirect you to the Landing Pages tab of the Offer card)

  4. Click into the URL field for the Landing Page you wish to edit

  5. Update the URL by appending aff_sub=#reqid# to the query string

  6. Click Save

Example CAKE Landing Page URL (TUNE tracking link) after it has been modified:


A query string is inclusive of the parameters and values on a URL after the question mark (?)


The Offer ID and Affiliate ID in the tracking link above are examples, your advertiser will provide you with the correct tracking link for your campaign.

How to Configure the CAKE Postback URL for Your Advertiser

To configure the Postback URL, you will first need to generate the Postback URL for the Offer by following these steps:

  1. Open the Offer card

  2. Click on the Pixel button

  3. Click on the Next button

  4. Click on the Postback URL option

  5. Copy and Paste the Postback URL into a notepad

  6. Click Finish

Because you are sending the CAKE Request ID in the TUNE “aff_sub” parameter on the click, you will need to update the "REQUEST_ID" placeholder in the CAKE Postback URL with the TUNE Macro for that same parameter, which is {aff_sub}.

Example CAKE Postback URL after it has been modified:{aff_sub}&t={customer_id}

Once you have updated the Postback URL, deliver to your advertiser.


{customer_id} is the TUNE macro that allows you to receive the TUNE conversion ID which is useful for reconciling conversions between CAKE and TUNE.


As an alternative to sending the CAKE Postback URL to your advertiser, you can also login to the affiliate portal within the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform and add it to your campaign.


Is Postback URL tracking the only method that TUNE supports with CAKE?

    No. TUNE supports browser based pixels, such as an iFrame pixel, as well. However, Postback URL tracking is the best practice and allows for the highest level of accuracy.

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