Pixel whitelists serve two functions. CAKE will allow only 8 conversion pixel calls per second per IP address. This is to prevent obvious fraud from flooding in from a single location. However in some cases you may have Advertisers who do high volume Postback conversions. Whitelisting that Advertiser's IP will allow CAKE to exceed this 8 per second conversion rate and increase it to 20 conversion pixel calls per second.

The second function, when enabled, will allow the whitelist to completely block any IPs not included in the list.



Setting up the Whitelist

From the Advertisers Tab -> Pixel Whitelist click "Add". Select the Advertiser (required). Select the specific off or leave "All Offers" for a general Advertiser whitelist. Input the starting IP in under "IP Start" and the ending IP under "IP End" of the range of IPs you wish to whitelist or put the same IP for both for a single IP address. Check Active if you wish to start filtering now. You can double click and check or uncheck  "Active" to turn the whitelist on or off at any time. Allow a few minutes for the additions or changes to take effect.

NOTE: When using Global Advertiser Pixels "All Offers" must be selected in the Offers column.

Using the Whitelist as an allow only filter

To allow conversion only from this IP address or range, open the offer cards you wish to block excluded IPs from converting. From the Home Tab -> Redirect, check "Conversions From Whitelist Only".

NOTE: This will block ALL conversions that are not included in the whitelist, so is not recommended where you have HTML type pixels (iframe, javascript or image pixels) placed with this Advertiser and Offer.