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Source Card

When a Source is created for a non-affiliate Channel (Email, Mobile, Social, Search, Video, Display, or Shopping) a Source Card will load.

This article will cover the Source card, including the following tabs:

  • Source card > Home
  • Source card > Campaigns
  • Source card > Sub IDs
  • Source card > History

Source card > Home tab

On the Home tab, you will see one subtab for Info.

Name: The name of the source. This can be changed at any time.

Status: Only Active sources can generate traffic to an Offer. A Pending and Inactive source's traffic will be redirected via the Redirect Strategy..

Manager: The manager drop down will include all employees set up as an Account Manager.

On the left, you will see the name and channel this source is associated with. You will also see the source's ID and number of campaigns.

Source card > Campaigns

The Campaigns Tab on the Affiliate card shows a list of all of the Campaigns for this Particular Affilate (remember that the Campaign is the 1 to 1 relationship between the Offer and the Affiliate).

The Campaign list includes:

Campaign Name: Campaigns will be named by default, as a combination of the source and offer name. This is not editable.

Created Date: Date the Campaign was created.

Status: Active, Inactive and Pending

Delete Button: You can delete a campaign by pressing the red stop button.

You can also add a Campaign by clicking the Add Campaign button and walking through the Add Campaign wizard.

Source card > Sub IDs

The Sub ID tab contains a list of all Sub IDs passed through on the s1 parameter of the source’s unique link or any Sub IDs manually added.

ID: The sub ID name or value passed in the s1 parameter or manually created.

Date Added: The date the first time the Sub ID value or name came through on this source's unique tracking link in the s1 parameter

Inactive: When enabled and showing green, the Sub ID is inactive.

You can manually add a Sub ID by clicking the Add Sub ID button.

You can also export all Sub IDs by clicking the Export button.

Source card > History

The History tab contains the Notes section and a running history of changes to the Source card.

Export: You can export the History log into a CSV document.

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