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How to Enable Anura Conversion Scoring in CAKE

Using Anura with CAKE

This article will cover the following:

  • What is Anura?
  • Integrating Anura within CAKE
  • How to Score Conversions at the Offer level
  • How to Score Conversions at the Campaign level
  • How to manage fraudulent traffic
  • How to view reports with Scored Conversions

What Is Anura

Anura is a 3rd party fraud detection company that monitors click and conversion behavior to provide users with actionable feedback.  The Anura integration within CAKE enables users to seamlessly monitor traffic globally and at the offer or campaign level.

By integrating with a fraud partner, CAKE customers gain the ability to make real-time decisions based on CAKE's performance tracking platform and fraud detection algorithms together! The solution provides an effective way to detect fraud ahead of conversion traffic. If a conversion is determined to be fraudulent, marketers can decide to invalidate it on the spot. 

Fraud detection can help marketers better optimize their advertising spend and result in more accurate pricing for all traffic sources. 

Along with being able to score all traffic, this integration gives users the option to only score conversions for specific Offers and/or Campaigns. This additional functionality gives users more control over which offers and campaigns will be scoring conversions.

Integrating Anura Within CAKE

Click on the Setup Main Tab >Click on the Settings Sub Tab >Click on the Third Party Integration Settings Sub Tab

On the Third Party Integration Settings page under the Fraud Settings section, please do the following:

  1. Select Anura from the Fraud Integration drop-down
  2. Add your Anura Instance ID
  3. Enable Click Scoring: By default, this is disabled. Enabling this will allow you to monitor click traffic across all Offers
  4. Click Invalidation Threshold: By default this is set to "Allow All Clicks". Otherwise, "Suspect" can be selected, which will allow you to alter the payout behavior for fraudulent clicks
  5. Allowed Conversion Type: Select from the dropdown if you would like to score Conversions, Events and/or Both
  6. Enable Conversion Scoring, By default, this is set to No. Enabling this will allow you to score conversions across all Offers
  7. Conversion Invalidation Threshold: This will allow you to choose from the following options: Allow all Conversions or Suspect.  Warning and Bad are not yet available in the product yet.  Coming soon!
  8. Click the "Save" button located at the bottom of the page

Offer Card Settings - Conversion Scoring

To set up Anura at the Offer level, enable the Enable Conversion Scoring setting and set your Conversion Invalidation Threshold from the Home Tab > Attribution sub tab.

If you do not wish to invalidate all Campaigns under a specific Offer, but would prefer to set up Anura at a more granular level, please see Campaign Card Settings - section below.

Campaign Card Settings

To set up Anura at the Campaign level, enable the Enable Conversion Scoring and set your Conversion Invalidation Threshold from the Home tab > Info sub tab. 

How To Manage Fraudulent Traffic

When a conversion occurs and the "Enable Conversion Scoring" is enabled on the Offer or Campaign Card, CAKE utilizes the Offer Level configuration for "Conversion Behavior on Redirect".  This will determine where fraudulent traffic is redirected, which can impact advertiser/affiliate payments.

If nothing has been configured on the Offer Card Level or if the "Conversion Behavior On Redirect" is set to "Default to Global Setting", CAKE will fall back to the "Conversion Behavior on Redirect" setting at the Global Level. The Global Level Settings can be found by clicking on the Setup Main TabSettings Sub TabTracking SettingsConversions.

Where Can You See Suspect Conversions in CAKE?

There are two reports in CAKE where you can view "Suspect" conversions; the Fraud Report and the Conversion Report.

  1. Fraud Report
  2. Conversion Report

The Fraud Report is located under the Reports Main Tab > Quality > Fraud.  

The Conversion Report is located under the Reports Main Tab > Traffic  > Conversions.  You can also access a Conversion Report at a more granular level by clicking on a hyperlink within a drilldown that is displaying conversions (paid/non-paid).

Example: On the Master Campaign Report, when you click into a hyperlinked conversion from the Conversions and/or the Paid column, a more granular view of the conversion data will display in a mini Conversion Report.

The Conversion Score column is not enabled by default in your CAKE instance. To add the column that displays Anura's dispositions for invalidated conversions within your CAKE instance on the Fraud Master Report, Conversion Master Report and mini Conversion Reports, click on the "Edit View" icon > enable the Conversion Score checkbox > click the "Update View" button and/or "Create New View" button.

If you have any questions regarding the Anura and CAKE integration, please reach out to your dedicated CAKE Client Success Manager/Account Manager or to the CAKE Support Team at

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