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How to Configure the Quickbooks Online Integration

This article will cover:

How Does The QuickBooks Online Integration Work?

The QuickBooks Online integration allows you to match Affiliates with Vendor accounts and/or Buyers with Customer accounts in your QuickBooks Online system. Once mapping is completed, any bills generated in CAKE can then be imported into QuickBooks for ease of paying and invoicing these partners.


This integration does not apply to QuickBooks Desktop.



How To Sync CAKE To A QuickBooks Online Account

To connect your QuickBooks Online Account, follow these steps:


  1. Click on Setup main tab

  2. Click on Settings sub tab

  3. Click on to Third Party Integrations Settings 

  4. Click Connect to QuickBooks

  5. In the Intuit sign-in window, enter your Email or Quickbooks User ID and Password

  6. After the screen refreshes, verify the Connection field lists the Company name associated with your QB account.




If you have an existing QuickBooks Online Integration with CAKE, you may need to disconnect it from the QuickBooks side under Apps > Action > Disconnect.

How To Set An Expense Account And Expense Class Name

Below the Connection field, you will see a dropdown to choose an Expense Account Name and Expense Class Name. These correspond to the areas in QuickBooks where your CAKE billing data will be filled. Each QuickBooks Online account will have a list of default Expense Account Names you can choose from if you have not already created one in QuickBooks.




Expense Class Name drop down will be blank unless you already have Class names added in Quickbooks. This field is only required if you leverage CAKE Lead Gen and wish to sync Buyer bills to your QuickBooks Online account. Please contact QuickBooks support if you need additional guidance on how to create Expense Account or Class Names.

Linking is the process of associating your CAKE Affiliate/Buyer to existing Vendors/Customers in QuickBooks. All linking/unlinking is done via the Match Quickbooks card. It will display the names of all Vendors/Customers that were added in your QuickBooks Online account and next to each name, a link icon. Once the card is launched, you can search names if you need to filter through large lists of accounts.


To link an Affiliate to a Vendor in your QuickBooks Online account, follow these steps:

  1. Open an Affiliate Card

  2. Navigate to the Home tab

  3. Click on the Billing & Payments sub tab

  4. Click the hyperlink on the last field called QuickBooks Link

  5. Search the name of the associated Vendor

  6. Click the Link icon



To link a Buyer to a Customer in your QuickBooks Online account, follow these steps:


  1. Open a Buyer Card

  2. Navigate to the Home tab

  3. Click on the Advanced sub tab

  4. Click the hyperlink on the last field called QuickBooks

  5. Search the name of the associated Customer

  6. Click the Link icon






Linking can also be done in the Account tab once you generate invoices for Affiliates or Buyers.  The far right column titled Quickbooks will say Quickbooks Unlinked on accounts that have not yet been linked. Clicking on this will launch that same Match Quickbooks card.

How To Import Affiliate And Buyer Accounts Into QuickBooks

To import Affiliates and Buyers from CAKE to be created as new, linked Vendors/Customers in the QuickBooks system, follow the steps outlined above to launch the Match QuickBooks card. Once launched, instead of clicking the Link icon, click Add New Vendor/Customer button.

How To Import Bills

Once a link has been established and a bill generated for that Affiliate or Buyer, the QuickBooks column in the Accounting tab will show the hyperlink option to Import. Click on this to import that bill amount



Successfully imported bills will change from the hyperlink of "Import" to text of "Imported - [Date of Import]"




If you need to make an adjustment on a bill that has already been imported, you will need to delete the invoice in QuickBooks, delete the line item in CAKE and then regenerate the bill. Adjustments do not automatically get reflected in QuickBooks.



Does the QuickBooks Online Integration Support Advertiser Bills?

    No, the integration does not support Advertiser Bills. However, there is a field on the Advertiser card > Info tab called QuickBooks ID so you know the ID 

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