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How to Configure the Quickbooks Online Integration

This page will outline how to integrate Quickbook's online integration with your Cake system.

Disconnect Existing QB Online App:

Before authentication can be done. Users will need to log into the Quickbooks online side and disconnect the app. 

1. Log into QB online

2. Click on Apps

3. Click on Action > Disconnect

4. Info is not required

Authentication Sync CAKE to QuickBooks Online:

Any user who wants to implement QuickBooks has to go through authentication in the setting page even though the user already did authentication. 

Set Expense Account Name:

Need to select Expense Account Name in the setting page to expense Vendor (Affiliate in CAKE).  If you are already an existing user the values are saved from the previous implementation.

Set Expense Class Name:

Need to select Expense Class Name in the setting page to invoice Customer (Buyer in CAKE)

*** Optional step, only required for users who wish to sync Buyer bills to QB Online. If you are already an existing user the values are saved from the previous implementation.

Trouble Shooting Why Buyer Bills:

Make sure Expense Account Name, Expense Class Name, and matching QuickBooks id on Affiliate/Buyer card are correct. 

You must enable an additional setting on the QB online side in order to track classes. Classes are required to track Buyer bills. 

To see a class in invoices:

CAKE Entity Syncing:

All syncing is done via the Match Quickbooks wizard from this screen, you can Add New Vendors, Link to existing Vendors in QB, or Unlink to existing vendors in Quickbooks. Our system will begin the syncing process to ensure both entities live in Cake as well as Quickbooks.

Creating New Entities:

Creating new entities can be done in 2 ways, either from the Affiliate Card >> Accounting main tab both locations open the Match Quickbooks wizard. 


From the accounting grids (Accounting main tab), there is a Quickbooks column that displays action links to initiate workflows. 

Change the Link on Existing QB Entities:

Removing the Link between CAKE and QB:

When an account has already been linked to a QB entity, you can click the Unlink action in the Match Quickbooks wizard.

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