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How To Integrate With Ringba

This article will cover:

What Is Ringba?

Ringba is an inbound call tracking and analytics platform for brands or online marketers looking to track pay per call campaigns. As a Ringba client, this article will walk you through how to configure your account to track call events in CAKE.

How Does The Integration Work?

This article is focused on a workflow where an affiliate in CAKE has been issued a phone number from Ringba. In this scenario, there is no click action to track. Instead, Ringba will leverage CAKE's Clickless Postback URL to insert a conversion/event record into CAKE as soon as it has been tracked in Ringba.


The CAKE Clickless Postback URL is not enabled by default.  Please request for this feature to be enabled through technical support or your client success manager.

How To Generate The Clickless Postback URL

For more details on CAKE's Clickless Postback URL and how to generate it, click here.

What Is A Ringba Publisher And Campaign?

Before integrating with Ringba, its important to understand their hierarchy and how it relates to CAKE. 

A Ringba publisher is considered the source that provides the advertising services, calls, or traffic to a campaign. The Ringba campaign is a general set of configurations and rules that can be applied to a specific group of publishers. 

For integration purposes, a campaign in your Ringba account will associate to an offer in CAKE and each publisher will associate to an affiliate in CAKE. With this offer + affiliate combination, CAKE will attribute to the original campaign in your system.


If you are a CAKE customer sending traffic to an advertiser leveraging Ringba, these same principals apply.

How To Configure The Ringba Account

In a couple sections, we will discuss how to format the Clickless Postback URL using Ringba's dynamic tokens. Although not required, a dynamic configuration is strongly recommended as it will simplify your integration to use a single tracking pixel structure.

To Associate the CAKE offer ID to a campaign in Ringba, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Campaigns menu option
  2. Click Create Campaign
  3. Name and select the country associated with your campaign
  4. Click Create
  5. Under the General Info section, insert the CAKE offer ID into the Tracking ID field.
  6. Click Save

To Associate the CAKE affiliate ID to a publisher in Ringba, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Publishers menu option
  2. Click Add Publisher
  3. Name your publisher
  4. Insert the CAKE affiliate ID into the Sub ID field
  5. Click Add

How To Track A Single Call Event

If your Ringba Campaign is configured, for example, to payout after a certain call length is reached, and you only care to track/report on this single, payable action, use the following postback.


The above pixel structure does not require you to add the e= or en= value. CAKE will track this event under the default conversion for your offer. See the next section if your default conversion/event is already being used.


The ap=[Call:ConversionPayout] can be optionally included if you have affiliate payouts configured in Ringba and want to assign them from/manage them in Ringba instead of CAKE.

How To Track Multiple Call Events

Although your Ringba Campaign may only be configured to payout on a single call event, you may still want to track/report on multiple aspects of each call in CAKE (ie. incoming calls to payable calls). For the full list of available Ringba call events that can be tracked, click here.

For every Ringba call event you want to track, you will need an associated conversion/event in CAKE. For additional details on how to create events in CAKE, click here.

After creating the event in CAKE, add a generic third party event name that you can easily identify and use consistently across any applicable Ringba campaign.

To Add an Event Third Party Name, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Advertiser Card
  2. Click Events tab
  3. Click the name of the event you want to assign a third party name
  4. Add a third party name
  5. Click Save
  6. Repeat steps for any other CAKE advertisers you plan to configure as buyers in Ringba

Based on the example third party names assigned above, heres how each postback could look:


In this scenario, CAKE recommends using our en= parameter to standardize the pixel structure for any CAKE advertiser (aka a Ringba buyer) you configure in their system. For more information on how to leverage CAKE's event third party name parameter, click here.


The p=[Call:ConversionAmount] is not included on the second pixel as it is a non-payable event.

How To Create A Ringba Tracking Pixel

Once you have determined which version of the Clickless Postback you will be using, you will need to create a global tracking pixel in Ringba.

To create a Ringba Tracking Pixel, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Integrations menu option
  2. Click Pixels
  3. Click Create Pixel
  4. Insert a name for the pixel
  5. Select an Event from the Fire Pixel On dropdown
  6. Insert the Clickless Postback URL in the URL field
  7. Click Save

How To Apply A Ringba Tracking Pixel To A Ringba Campaign

Once you have created the tracking pixel, you will need to apply it to the associated Campaign(s).

To assign the tracking pixel to a Campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Campaigns menu option
  2. Click on the Campaign name
  3. Scroll to the bottom and find Tracking Pixels
  4. Click Add Pixel
  5. Select the pixel from the dropdown
  6. Click Add

How To Whitelist Ringba's Pixel IPs

Anytime you implement CAKE's Clickless Postback, it is recommended to whitelist the server IPs responsible for making the requests. Below are the 3 Ringba IPs that will be used in our integration.


For steps on how to setup an IP whitelist in CAKE, click here.


What is the best way to gauge my total call volume in CAKE?

    Track the Ringba call event named "Incoming"

Can I still track for a publisher who has multiple phone numbers in a single campaign?

   Yes, this setup will still be tracked under a single campaign in CAKE. You can use Ringba Reporting to gauge performance by number.

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