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[Announcing] The CAKE Dashboard iOS Mobile App

What is it?

A v1.0 mobile application for iOS. The CAKE Dashboard app allows CAKE users to easily manage affiliates and campaigns from their mobile device, including statuses, caps, payouts, and pixels. Users can now also view affiliate and campaign performance stats easily from their phone or tablet.

Why does it matter?

Before this release, iPhone and iPad users had a difficult time accessing performance stats and making necessary affiliate and campaign management changes from their device, as the web-based mobile experience of the CAKE Admin portal was difficult to leverage.

How does it work?

From the new v1.0 iOS mobile app, CAKE users can accomplish the following tasks. 

To download the CAKE Dashboard app, click here

View the walkthrough video below, or learn more on the Knowledge Base

Who gets it?

CAKE clients (admin portal users) can access the iOS mobile application, this app does not currently serve partners of CAKE clients, such as Affiliates, Advertisers, or Buyers.

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