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[Feature Update] Default Cookie Domain on Advertisers

What is it?

For clients that have additional cookie domains, users now have the ability to set a default cookie domain on an Advertiser. 

Why does it matter?

For clients that wanted to segment their advertiser partners by cookie domains, managing multiple cookie domains across advertisers that have multiple offers was challenging. Applying a default cookie domain on the advertiser streamlines the workflow of applying the same cookie domain across multiple offers and ensures accuracy.  

How does it work?

The default cookie domain option on the advertiser is not enabled by default.  This setting is enabled within Permissions and can be applied to any role. 

To enable this setting, follow these steps:

  1. Click on Setup
  2. Click on Permissions
  3. Open the role you want to modify
  4. Expand Cards
  5. Expand Advertiser
  6. Expand Home Tab
  7. Expand Advanced Tab
  8. Enable "Default Cookie Domain"

Note: All settings mentioned above must be enabled.

Once the setting has been enabled, open up an advertiser card and navigate to the Advanced Tab.

From here, apply the default cookie domain from the available drop down list.

Every new offer created for this advertiser, once you apply the default cookie domain, will inherit this cookie domain.

Note: CAKE will not retroactively apply the default cookie domain to previously created offers for this advertiser. 

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