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Advertiser Extended Terms (Offer)

Occasionally there are specific terms and conditions that you want to either 1) bring to an Affiliate's attention or 2) have the Affiliate agree to as they are required by your Advertiser and may not be in line with your general terms and conditions.

CAKE Basic has the ability to log these terms and require the Affiliate to agree to them for a specific Offer through ADVERTISER EXTENDED TERMS.

Where to add Advertiser Extended Terms

Advertiser Extended Terms can be added on an Offer card, in the Affiliate tab with the Affiliate Portal button selected in the bottom left quadrant.


When terms are added (or edited), this update will be recorded in the Offer card history tab.

 The hover-over on the note icon will display the before and after details:

Affiliate Interaction with Advertiser Extended Terms

When terms have been added and the Affiliate opens the card from the Affiliate Portal, the Affiliate will see a new window when they try to access the card. This will display regardless of whether this is the first time the Affiliate is accessing the terms or they already have a campaign existing.


Recording the agreement to Advertiser Extended Terms in the Admin

Once the Affiliate has agreed to the terms, this update will be recorded in the Campaign Card History tab.


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