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System Setting - Affiliate Signup URL

System Setting - Affiliate Signup URL

This article will cover the following:

- What is your Affiliate Signup URL

- Where to find your Affiliate Signup settings

What is your Affiliate Signup URL

By default every CAKE client has a built-in affiliate signup page that is located at

Optionally a CAKE client may choose to build a custom Affiliate Signup page to use instead of the default page.

Affiliate Signup Settings

Select your main Setup tab > Global Settings > Affiliate Signup to view your affiliate signup settings

Any URL placed in the Affiliate Signup URL field will redirect the default Affiliate Signup page, to the custom URL placed here.

Using Custom Terms and Conditions

If you would like to use the default signup page, but want to customize the Terms and Conditions, you can paste them into the box below the Affiliate Signup URL.  This section is HTML compatible and can include styling, formatting and hyperlinks.


You will also see the last updated date for your Terms and Conditions.

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