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Setup - Affiliate Portal Settings

This article will cover a few key Affiliate Portal settings for your CAKE Basic instance.

To access these settings, go to: Setup main tab > Settings tab (in the left-hand navigation menu) > Affiliate Portal Settings.

Affiliate Portal Settings

There are 5 categories of settings within this sub tab.

Twitter API Settings
Affiliate Permissions
Affiliate Dashboard Settings
Affiliate Reports Settings
Iframe Settings

And 1 additional category if you are leveraging the eCommerce feature: eCommerce Settings

Twitter API Settings

If the credentials are entered, a Twitter feed will be enabled and visible in the Affiliate Portal. This will be displayed under a window labeled 'Updates'.
CAKE Basic uses the required 41x41 small logo as the Twitter icon.

Affiliate Permissions

This setting includes some additional features that your Affiliates will be given access to or restricted from - including placing web-based pixels (if you are using postbacks only) or auto-approving affiliate-placed pixels, enabling affiliate alert subscriptions, and more.

Affiliate Dashboard Settings

Here you can modify certain Dashboard aspects. Options here include displaying filtering shown offers by traffic types (geo, media types and price formats) for your affiliates, modifying the Terms and Conditions that are shown when an affiliate logs into their CAKE Basic Affiliate Portal, and modifying billing details or displayed information.

Affiliate Report Settings

These settings include additional reporting add-on features including modifying the naming convention of Campaigns in the Affiliate Portal.

2 Particular Items to note:

  • Filter Offers by Vertical Category: in CAKE Basic you can allow your Affiliates to filter Offers by either Vertical or Vertical Category. For those clients with the Lead-Gen side of CAKE Basic, the Vertical Category option may be preferable due to the nature of Verticals and their association with fields of collection.
  • Filter Offers by Media Type: Similarly this feature will allow your Affiliates to filter Offers by the Media Type as opposed to the Media Category. You can see the mapping between Media Type and Media Categories in Setup >¬†Other Lists

*The Order Report and Order Detail Report only apply if eCommerce is enabled.

Iframe Settings

The Iframe Settings allow you to display a custom URL in your Affiliate Portal.
This can be a link to your company site, a custom-built page for your Affiliates to interact with, a page where updates and notices are posted or whatever content you like.

The width of the Iframe changes depending on the dimensions of the browser window, but the height can be set to a set value.

You can select whether the Iframe is displayed on the left or right side, and additionally which placement from the top. Alternatively, you can set a left hand navigation button (Left Nav) to take control of the whole area.
If the left: the default top-most window is the Campaign Summary
If the right: the default top-most window is the Performance window summarizing stats for the last 12-months in various pre-set date ranges.

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