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State Targeting Using Rules

While our geotargeting allows you to do country-level targeting, our rules feature allows you to get to the state level.
The set up is extremely similar to geotargeting utilizing Offer Contracts and/or Offer redirects, but the set up is slightly different.

Open an Offer card and click the Traffic tab. By default, the first option shown is Targeting. In the drop down menu below, select Rules and hit Apply.

Once you've applied Rules, click the New Rules button.

A new Card will open to create your new rule.

Enter the name of this rule.
Check the "Active" box to enable this rule.
Select your redirect offer.

In the Add Rule Target drop down menu, select Location.

A new Card will open to select your location(s).
Click the Globe icon next to the country to find a listing of local regions (e.g. states or provinces).

Select the local region(s). This will appear in a list of items to the right. By default, the items in the list are the local regions to approve for the Offer. All other regions will be excluded and will traffic from those regions will be redirected.

If you want to allow all local regions but exclude certain ones, follow the same instructions then check the box "Items NOT selected..." at the top.

Click the Save button when you are done.

Click Create to add this rule.

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