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International Offers and Offer Contracts

CAKE Basic has a clever and efficient way of handling International Offers. If you have an International Offer that shares the same Creatives, the following setup will allow you to accomplish the following:

  • Provide your Advertiser with only 1 Conversion Pixel
  • Provide your Affiliates with only 1 Tracking Link
  • Only have to create one Offer in CAKE Basic

The following example is an International Offer that allows traffic from the US, UK and CA.

Then, leverage Offer Contracts in the Contracts Tab to make country-specific landing pages for where I want my international traffic to be redirected to. In my example, I have labeled each Offer Contract by the country that is allowed and modified the landing pages and Thank You Link to exemplify where the traffic is going to go. Once the Offer Contracts have been added, they will need to be modified to allow traffic from the appropriate countries using the Geo Targeting tool to the left of the Contract.

Now that my Offer Contracts are set up, I can now use them as Redirects within the Traffic section.
Remember that the idea is that all Traffic will be sent through the default Offer Contract, so we need to establish the Geo Targeting on the default Offer Contract.

In the Traffic tab (Targeting), mark all the allowed countries as allowed. The dots under the Allowed column should be green for the US, UK and CA.

We've designed this example Offer to drive US traffic to the default Offer Contract and UK and CA traffic to the 2 other Contracts we've created because the payouts are different. To target the UK and CA traffic accordingly:

  1. Double-click on the row with the Offer Contract for the traffic you'd like to redirect which will open up a drop-down in the Redirect Offer column
  2. Select the Offer Contract that you'd like to redirect to (with non-allowed Countries, you'll see a list of other Offers)
  3. Click Update


The Affiliate will require a Campaign for each Offer Contract to attribute traffic accordingly but CAKE Basic will handle that for you. CAKE Basic will auto create a Campaign for each additional Offer Contract (or Offer) as needed allowing you to only have to make one Campaign for your Affiliate.

CAKE Basic's country (and region if you are using Rules) recognition is based on the consumer's IP Address.
When CAKE Basic auto-creates a Campaign, we will copy the Affiliate pixel from the original Campaign to the new auto-created Campaigns. You will see a checkbox on the new Campaign to "Use Pixel from Original Campaign" in the Pixels tab.

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