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Add Column; Custom Views - CAKE Basic

In CAKE Basic, the custom views in Reporting allow you to "Add Column". This is powerful, because you can make custom calculations on analytics that are already in your CAKE Basic instance. This functionality is most commonly used for KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) and commission for Employees.

Reports; Adding/Editing a View

To access the custom views of a report, you need to open the report you want from the main tab pertaining to the report (Lead Gen, Advertisers and Affiliates) then click the expansion button to view the report in full screen. Once there, click the Edit View button to access the Edit View card.

1. Create New View: This button will open the Save View card, which allows you to make a new, custom view.

Adding a Column

1. On the Edit View card, click the Add Column button.
2. Name the Column
3. Click Done to save the changes

Add Column Continued

Input formula.

Click Save.

**Note that the formula above will display either $0.00 if the value in the Revenue column for that row is equal to 0, otherwise, it will display 5% of the value in the Revenue column.


1. Click the Update View button to test the formula output.
2. If you need to edit the formula, click the Edit button. Once done, save the formula and click "Update View" again.

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