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Tokens in 3rd Party (Affiliate) Pixels - CAKE Basic

This lesson will show you the CAKE Basic tokens that can be used in affiliate or third party pixels.  Often times Affiliates will request that certain values be passed to them when CAKE Basic fires their pixel. Because these values are dynamic the use of tokens will be required.

Tokens can be found in the affiliate portal within the offer card.  You have the ability to virtually login as your affiliate by opening up the affiliate card and clicking the “Login” button.


Once you are in the Affiliate Portal, navigate to the offers tab (far left hand side) and click on an offer name that the affiliate has been approved to run.  You will know that they have been approved to run the campaign by looking under the “Status” column.  The status should read “Approved”. 

 Navigate to the “Testing & Tracking” tab.  These tokens can be used to pass the values back to the affiliate.


Available Tokens:

#leadid# - the conversion or lead ID auto-assigned by CAKE to each conversion
#affid# - Affiliate ID
#oid# - Offer ID
#campid# - Campaign ID
#cid# - Creative ID
#s1# - subid 1 (s1)
#s2# - subid 2 (s2)
#s3# - subid 3 (s3)
#s4# - subid 4 (s4)
#s5# - subid 5 (s5)
#price# - price
#ip# - conversion IP
#source_ip# - click IP
#utcunixtime# - conversion time in UNIX
#sourcetime# - conversion timestamp in this format (ie. 2013-11-12T13:04:27.5670000)

Things to note:

  • s1 - is reserved for passing sub affiliate IDs.  There is a character limit of 50.
  • s2-s5 - you can pass any value you like in these parameters.  The character limit is 100 per "s" parameter.  If s2 exceeds 100 characters, the remaining characters will spill over into s3 etc.

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