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Mass Adjustment – Adding & Removing Conversions - CAKE Basic

The Mass Adjustment option allows you the option to manually add or remove conversions for a particular affiliate and or sub affiliate. 

Accessing the Tool

There are two ways in CAKE Basic to access the Mass Adjustment Tool, by hovering over the Advertisers Tab or the Affiliates Tab.  From the drop down, select the Mass Adjustment Tool.


Step 1 - Mass Adjustment Type

 Select from the drop down which type of Mass Adjustment you wish to make. There are 3 types of Mass Adjustments you can make in CAKE Basic.

  • Add Conversions
  • Remove Conversions
  • Adjust Conversions

For this lesson we will look at adding a conversion.


Step 2 – Add a Conversion


Enter the information for the conversion(s) that you wish to add. (i.e. Date range, Affiliate, Campaign, Sub Affiliate, Creative, and Where Affiliate is and Where Advertiser is fields) Required fields are marked with an *.


  • Disposition Type – This will be used to group conversions in reporting.
  • Price Paid – This is the price that you want to pay your affiliate for the conversion(s).
  • Price Received – The amount you are being paid by your Advertiser.
  • Notes - It is a good idea to add notes during this process, so that you and your coworkers can be reminded of why the conversion(s) were added.

Step 3 – Event Summary

The final page allows you to review your selections before putting them into effect. Once you select finish, your conversion(s) will have been added.

Steps are the same for both removing and adjusting conversions. 



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