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How to Add Buyer Contract

This lesson will explain how to add a Buyer Contract in CAKE Basic.

How to Add a Buyer Contract

There are 2 ways to add a Buyer Contract in CAKE Basic.  The C first, is through the hover menu of the Lead Gen Main Tab.

The second is from the Buyer Contract tab of the Buyer Card.

The Add New Buyer Contract Wizard requires all 3 fields - although the last is already populated.

  1. Contract Name: As with everything else in CAKE Basic, the name of the Buyer Contract is required
  2. Vertical: Because Buyer Contracts exist to purchase leads, a Vertical from which the Buyer Contract will purchase leads is also required. This cannot be changed once created. This can be narrowed down to purchase from a specific Offer but either way, a Vertical is required.
  3. Max Post Errors: This is CAKE Basic's effort to keep lead routing efficient by automatically inactivating Buyer Contracts who have x number of successive post failures as indicated on the Buyer Contract. This CAN be changed after a Buyer Contract is created, and please note that if you NEVER want CAKE Basic to auto-inactivate a Buyer Contract, this number should be set to 11 as CAKE Basic only looks at the last 10 posts.


A Buyer can have multiple Buyer Contracts.

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