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Buyer Side - Post Keys - CAKE Basic

In order to make a successful Server Post into CAKE Basic, the Affiliate, or entity posting the lead, will need to provide the Post keys on the Post. The Post Keys consist of two items: the Campaign ID (which indicates the Affiliate posting the lead and the Offer receiving the post) and the CKM Key (which is an access key allowing the post to occur).

CAKE Basic Posting Doc


The Campaign ID and the CKM Key are the first two fields displayed on any CAKE Basic Posting Doc. This document will show how the fields are supposed to be passed into CAKE Basic but will NOT give the Affiliate the actual values for the post. The Campaign ID and CKM Key will be found on the Campaign Card.

The Campaign Card

You will find an Affiliate's Post Keys on the Campaign Card. Open the Campaign Card and click the "Show Post Keys" button.

Generating Post Keys 

After clicking "Show Post Keys", verify that you are choosing the correct Affiliate and Campaign and then select Next.

Getting the Post Keys

The Post Keys will be shown once you have clicked through the Generating Post Keys Wizard. At this point, this Wizard is showing the needed info, but the question becomes 'How do I get this to my Affiliate?'. If you are at this point, I would just copy and paste this into an email to the Affiliate. Once an Affiliate has the Post Keys, they will able to post leads into CAKE Basic.


Send Posting Doc Wizard


Clicking this button launches the Send Posting Doc Wizard. Click Next, then Click Finish. This will email the selected contact the posting instructions(for this Campaign) and the needed Post Keys(Campaign ID, and CKM Key).

Note: This wizard is tied to the email server configured in the Setup > Settings > Email Settings section. If you do not have an email server configured the posting doc cannot be delivered.



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