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Buyer Doc - How to Add a New Offer

This document outlines how to create an Offer in CAKE Basic.


Option 1 - Wizard



 In this example, the Add a New Offer Wizard is accessed, while on the Affiliates tab. Using Main tabs Wizards will allow you access the needed Wizard, without leaving the current tab.


Option 2 - Advertiser Grid


Adding an Offer will be a similar process to adding a Vertical; through a Wizard. Click the Advertiser Main Tab > Offers sub tab > Add Offer button. 


Add a New Offer Wizard - Explained


Here is a brief description of the items show in this image: 

Name: Every Offer will need a Name.

Vertical: Every Offer is associated to one Vertical. This is how the Offer is tied to the Posting Document for this Vertical. The Vertical can not be changed for an Offer for this reason. If CAKE Basic allowed you to change Verticals after creation, then we may allow you to disrupt the flow of traffic, by mis-matching a web form to the incorrect set of post fields.

Advertiser:  With Host-n-Post Offers the Advertiser is usually you (the CAKE Basic client). Every CAKE Basic client has a default Advertiser already in the system.

Status: The Status can either be Public, Apply To Run, Private or Inactive.

  • A Public Offer is visible to Affiliates in the Affiliate Portal and does NOT require permission to gain access to Creatives or Unique Links.
  • An Apply To Run Offer is visible to Affiliates in the Affiliate Portal but will require the Affiliate to Apply. The decision to either approve or reject this Campaign will be made in the Applied Campaign section within the Affiliates Main tab.
  • A Private Offer is not visible to Affiliates in the Affiliate Portal. A Campaign will need to be intentionally made through the Admin Interface.
  • An Inactive Offer is not accessible by an Affiliate and any traffic sent to this Offer will be redirected to the Global Redirect.

Offer Type: Host-n-Post Offer Types are to capture and store Leads, where 3rd Party Offer Types are to track Conversions.

Host-n-Post: Leads from a Host-n-Post Offer do not route through the Review Queue or the Queue. Leads submitted to a Host-n-Post Offer are intended to be sold real time. The response from the Buyer on a Host-n-Post Offer will often time determine a redirect for the user. A lead on a Host-n-Post Offer can sell exclusively or multi-sell but can NOT wait for a future sell. If a Lead is not sold in real time, the response will indicate No Qualified Buyers, otherwise you will be redirected to the Thank You Page.

Price Format: There are 5 possible Price Formats. CPA (cost per acquisition), RevShare, and CPC, are the only ones that apply to Host-n-Post Offer.

Default Paid: This is the “Advertised” price that you will pay to an Affiliate. On a CPA, RevShare, and CPC, this is the dollar amount you will pay per Sold Lead. On a RevShare, this is the % of the Revenue you will pay per Sold Lead.

Offer Link: The Offer Link is NOT required for a Host-n-Post Offer. The Offer Link will only be used when Leads are Browser Posted to cupCAKE as that will need a click to be redirected through CAKE Basic.

SSL: When activated, clicks will redirect through an HTTPS(Secure) Unique Link. 

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