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Lead Detail Report (CAKE Basic)

This lesson will walk through the Lead Detail Report on the Lead Gen side of CAKE Basic. We will cover how to view the two lead-level reports (Leads by Affiliate and Leads by Buyer), how to view the Lead information, and how to control the leads from these reports.

Where to View

With the Lead Gen side of CAKE Basic, you can find these Lead Detail Reports within the Buyers Main Tab under the “Master Reports” Sub-Tab on the bottom-left.

There are 3 corresponding reports available.
- Buyer : An aggregated report of stats by Buyer with additional drill-downs for Offer / Buyer Contract
- Leads by Affiliate: This report displays all leads posted in by affiliates along with the associated lead details.
- Leads by Buyer: This report displays all leads sold to a buyer(s) along with the associated lead details.

Custom Views

Like your other reports and grids, the Lead Detail report views are customizable. 

Simply click on the icon to the far right that looks like a notepad and pencil. If you hover over it, the words “Edit View” will appear. 

Clicking on this will open a new window where you can manipulate columns (add, remove, reorder and even change the names), add and remove drill-downs and then save multiple custom views per user.

Lead Detail By Affiliate

The Leads by Affiliate report will show you a number of things about your leads, where the purpose is to filter leads sent by Affiliates.

Your default view shows attribution details (Affiliate Name, Campaign, Creative), the Lead ID, Lead Date, and consumer data (Name, Email, IP, Sub ID 1) and pricing information.

There are two icons on the far left of each line item:
- Green arrow icon: this button is used to send leads to the Queue
- Yellow pencil icon: this is used to send leads to the Review Queue.

Hovering over these icons will tell you what the function of each icon is.

Within your Reports, all hyperlinks are clickable.

Clicking on a Lead ID will open your Lead Card showing you everything you would possibly want to know about this particular lead.

Lead Detail by Buyer

The data shown here is the same as what you will find in the Leads by Affiliate report, but the counts will differ slightly as the purpose of this report is to filter leads sold to Buyers so in multisell situations you may find duplicate leads compared to what you see in the Leads by Affiliate report.

Navigating Lead Cards - Lead Information

Under the Lead Information Tab on the Lead card, you will find:
1. The Lead ID
2. The Consumer History: shows you when this lead came into CAKE Basic, if and when it was edited, as well as by whom, and if the lead was successfully posted or not
3. The Personal Information tab: Displays all the basic consumer info (collected in the basic fields). These and any other field on this card is editable from the card
4. Sale Info
5. Vertical Specific

From this card, you can change the conversion price for this lead using the “Change Price” button just above the Consumer History. Clicking on this button will bring up another wizard where you are able to change the price, assign a disposition, apply to a bill, and even add notes.

Lead - Sale Info

The “Sale Info” Tab will show you everything you need to know about the sale of this lead, including the price paid and received (which may be an aggregate of sales to multiple Buyers).

The Affiliate and the Campaign that it is associated with the lead are identified by the cookie or the campaign ID depending on the post method.

Lead - Vertical Specific

The “Vertical Specific” Tab will you show you the non-basic fields that you have added specifically for this vertical, outside of the basic fields that we provide.

Navigating Lead Cards - Dispositions

The next main tab on the Lead card is “Dispositions.” This will give you greater insight into each lead and the quality of its content. It will also contain information as to why a lead was sent to the review queue or possibly why it was not paid for.

Navigating Lead Cards - Buyers

Lastly we have the “Buyers” Tab on the Lead card. This will tell you which buyer(s) attempted to buy this lead as well their buyer contract, the date they attempted to buy this lead, the price they paid, and the disposition.

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