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Buyer Side - Posting Leads To CAKE Basic via XML

Use this feature on CAKE Basic's "hidden menu" to allow Affiliates to post leads into CAKE Basic via XML.

XML Post Requirements

The standard CAKE Basic posting docs discuss methods for server posting leads into CAKE Basic via HTTP GET/POST, however CAKE Basic does support one other server post method: XML.

Field setup details and Post URL will be the same as shown on the posting docs, however the following will also be required in order to post in XML formatted leads:

Authentication parameters ckm_campaign_id and ckm_key must be included in the Post URL query string parameters, NOT within the XML body

Append the parameter "ckm_xml=1" to the Post URL e.g: http://[CAKE Basic Tracking Domain]/d.ashx?ckm_xml=1&ckm_campaign_id=123&ckm_key=abc

A root XML element is required. To satisfy this requirement, add the node <XML> at the beginning of the XML and then </XML> at the end

Field names need to be converted into individial XML nodes within the root element e.g: <f_name>Bob</f_name> etc.

Any errors within the XML will result in the Affiliate receiving an error: "Invalid XML Format", otherwise a standard server post XML response will be returned and the lead will be processed normally by CAKE Basic.

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