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How to Post a Lead into CAKE Basic - Browser Post

This document will outline how to post a lead into CAKE Basic using a Browser Post.
A Browser Post originates directly from the browser. Think of it as the post equivalent of an HTML.
It leverages the cookie placed on the browser from the click to identify the originating source of the lead.



For a Browser Post, the consumer is redirected to the hosted landing page through a CAKE Basic Unique Link. (ie
In addition to the consumer's information, the incoming post requires a designated CAKE Basic field 'ckm_offer_id' to be included in the post string.
The cookie will contain the Affiliate information; the post will include the Offer information and together we know which Campaign a lead is attributed to.

The Posting Instructions code will also need to be coded on to the page as well. The Posting Instructions are different depending on whether you are implementing a standard Browser HTTP Post or Browser AJAX Post.

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