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Buyer Doc - How to Add a New Campaign

This document outlines how to add a new Campaign in CAKE Basic. Adding a Campaign can be accomplished in multiple places in your CAKE Basic instance.


Options at the Card Levels




Above, we depict these two ways to access the Create a Campaign Wizard from the related Cards: 

Affiliate Card > Campaigns Tab > Add Campaign

Offer Card > Campaigns Tab > Add Campaign


Option 3 - Wizard


Hover over Affiliates Main Tab > Campaigns > Add Campaign


Create a Campaign Wizard - Explained

Every Campaign will specify:

One Affiliate
One Offer
One Media Type
Payout to your Affiliate (“Price”)

The Campaign will allow for price adjustments to individual Affiliates as well as placing your Affiliate’s Conversion Pixel for this specific Offer.

Campaigns can be turned On / Off very easily by simply changing the Status from Active to Inactive or vice versa.

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