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Best Practices - Finding Leads in your CAKE Basic Instance

This lesson will depict how to access leads in CAKE Basic and explain why each lead is housed in its designated location.

Recent Lead Submissions

This area is located under the Advertiser & Affiliates main navigation. To access this go to the Testing sub tab>Recent Lead Submissions tab.

You cannot filter this area by any criteria i.e., Date range, affiliate, campaign, etc. This area will only show recent lead submissions split into the two different posting methods Browser & Server posts.

Scrub Queue

The scrub queue is designed to house unwanted leads, such as Host-n-Post failures, Expired Leads, and Thrown Out leads (validation failures).

To access the scrub queue: Click on the Lead Gen tab>Click on the Scrub queue sub tab.

In this area the status column will give the user more information on why the lead is in the scrub queue to be considered an unqualified lead.

Lead Detail By Affiliate

This report will show all leads in CAKE Basic regardless of where they are currently be housed. Any time a lead cannot be found this report will house it if it was posted into CAKE Basic successfully.

This report is the Flow of leads INTO CAKE Basic.

Lead Detail By Buyer

This report is where you can find leads that have been purchased.

This report is the Flow of leads OUT OF CAKE Basic.

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