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CAKE Basic - Affiliate Portal - Pixel Guide

This document is a quick guide to understanding how to place your Affiliate pixels and test your campaigns in the CAKE Basic Affiliate Portal.

1. Pixel HTML: Your iframe, script or image pixel. If you do nothing but this, this will make sure that you track conversions in your own tracking system.
2. Tokens: Tokens to include values back in your pixel, the most common being: Lead ID and s1-s5*
3. Test link: A sample tracking link from your system to be able to test your pixels.
4. Postback URL: Your postback (server pixel) URL. If you're placing BOTH a web-based and postback pixel, you can set the postback to fire at a delay.
5. Test Offer: Test page to test your offer/pixel.

Test Page

The following steps are suggested for testing
1. Clear cookies by clicking the "Clear" button
2. Enable test mode. You are looking for a green "Currently On" message. If you see "Currently Off" in red, click the "Turn On" button.
3. Click on your test link and follow any Advertiser provided test instructions.

Test Results

Click on "See The Results" to see the results of your test.

You are specifically looking for a YES/NO in the "Affiliate pixel fired" field.
If you placed the Lead ID token in your Affiliate Pixel (#leadid#), the conversion tracked in your system should have the value in the "Unique ID" field (12119504 in this example).

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