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Affiliates - SubAffiliates


The SubAffiliates Tab contains a list of all Sub IDs passed through on the s1 parameter of the Affiliate’s Unique Link or any Sub IDs manually made.

To manually add a new SubAffiliate:

Click on the Add SubAffiliate button
- Assign the SubAffiliate a unique ID

Pay For Leads: Checking this box will show a paid Conversion for the Affiliate when this unique Sub ID is passed through on the s1 parameter.

Send To Review: This is only related to the Lead Gen side of CAKE Basic.

Turn Off: Checking this box will redirect the Affiliate’s traffic to the Global Redirect when this unique Sub ID is passed through on the s1 parameter.

SubAffiliate Card

SubAffiliates can be managed similarly to how Affiliates can be managed.

Paid: By default, SubAffiliates have the Paid box checked. Unchecking this box will still accept traffic to the intended Offer, but any Conversion originating to this Sub ID will be marked as $0.00 paid.

Review: For Buyer clients only. Any lead submitted to CAKE Basic will be sent to the Review Queue.

Inactive: By default, Sub Affiliates are not Inactive. If this box is checked, any traffic will be sent to the Global Redirect.

Inactive Reason: This is where you can optionally specify why the SubAffiliate is Inactive.

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