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Campaigns - Home Tab

This document will outline the various features within the Home Tab of the Campaign Card

The Campaign specifies the Offer Contract, the Price Format and the Payout to the Affiliate in its respective currency.

Breadcrumbs to the Affiliate and the Offer are also available in the Home Tab.

Generate Link: Clicking this button will open the Generate a Unique Link Wizard. The Unique Link is a Campaign and Creative-specific tracking link.

Send Creatives: Clicking this button will open the Send Creative Wizard. It is here that you can deliver an entire Campaign Pack that includes all creatives or you can select specific Creatives to deliver to your Affiliate.

Show Post Keys(LeadGen ONLY): Clicking this button will generate the Campaign-specific Post Keys necessary for an Affiliate to Post leads to CAKE Basic.

Test Campaign: Clicking this button will open a new browser window where you can test the Campaign to ensure CAKE Basic is tracking a click and a conversion.

Send Posting Doc(LeadGen ONLY): Clicking this button will open a wizard that will allow you to send your Affiliate both the Post Keys and the Posting Docs required for posting leads.

Campaign Work Flow

This is an optional features that allows Networks to track the progress of Campaign setup.
Progress of all Campaigns can be viewed in Affiliates > Applied > Campaigns.

The above graph is a simple Week at a glance report showing total Conversions for this Campaign.

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