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Offers - Affiliate Tab

The Affiliate tab on the Offer Card contains Affiliate-relevant information about your Offer.
Particularly, Email components necessary for your Affiliates to run email Campaigns and also general information about the Offer that your Affiliates should know.

The Email tab contains information for email campaigns. This is where the user inputs the:

  • Unsubscribe or opt-out link
  • From and Subject lines
  • Link where the Suppression list can be downloaded. CAKE Basic does not host physical suppression files and instead links to the place where the file can be downloaded. If you or your Advertiser are using a third party Suppression List management system like Optizmo, Ezepo or Unsubcentral we will link the systems so that your Affiliate can pull the necessary file from that system in which case your Unsubscribe link will also be dynamic.

The Affiliate sub tab contains additional information relevant to the Affiliates who have an Active Campaign with this Offer. Affiliates will see this information in their Affiliate Portal regarding the Offer.

  • Offer Description: This is a text box that accepts either plain text or HTML. We strongly suggest including information like the payable action point (i.e. this is an email submit or pays on a successful credit card submit) so that the Affiliate is aware of the actions necessary to test their Campaign.
  • Restrictions: This is a text box that accepts either plain text or HTML.
  • Advertiser Extended Terms: These are additional terms that you either want to bring to the Affiliate's attention or are specifically displayed as they are not in line with your general terms and conditions. When they are agreed to, the action will be logged in the Campaign's History tab for reference. You can read more about Advertiser Extended Terms here.

  • Testing Instructions: These instructional notes will be visible on the "Test Offer" page, and not the Offer main page

  • Preview Link: Intended to be a direct link to the landing page, this URL does not redirect through a tracking link and therefore will not track in CAKE nor will it be effected by geotargeting or other potential restrictions. However, it  gives an Affiliate the opportunity to preview the Offer's landing page. The Preview Link is accessible to Affiliates when hovering over the magnifying glass to the left of a Public or Apply To Run Offer (and will be visible on a Private Offer once a Campaign is created).

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