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Offers - Test - CAKE Basic


There is a Test button located on the Home Tab of every Offer.

The Test feature allows a CAKE Client to ensure that the Conversion Pixel has been placed correctly by the Advertiser.

Once the Advertiser has placed the Conversion Pixel, click the Test button.

You will be redirected to a new browser. This is the Test Page.

The Test Page allows a user to:
- Clear Cookies from a previous Test Session using the Clear button.
- Turn Test Mode “On”

- Test Mode flags Clicks and Conversions as “Tests” so that Reporting and EPCs are not effected by test data.
- Test Clicks are also not chargeable.

- Also note that Test Click will bypass any Geo Targeting set on the Offer to ensure the test can proceed without any redirects.

See The Results
- This allows a user to see that a Click and potentially a Conversion were tracked in CAKE.

- Test Lead:
- Yes informs the user that a Conversion was tracked in CAKE.
- No informs the user that a Conversion was not tracked in CAKE.

- Unique ID is the searchable ID number in CAKE. for this unique Conversion

- Affiliate Pixel Fired

- Yes informs the user that CAKE successfully fired the 3rd party Affiliate Pixel.
- No informs the user that CAKE did not fire the 3rd party Affiliate Pixel.
- *** This will ALWAYS be “No” when using the Test feature ***

- The Transaction ID will show the unique value passed through in the Conversion Pixel on the t= parameter

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