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Verticals - Redirect Offer

The Vertical Redirect is the last resort available in the redirect strategy before going to the Global Redirect.

In the Info tab of the Vertical card is a drop-down for a Redirect Offer.
The Redirect Offer drop down contains every Offer and Offer Contract in your instance.

When a redirect condition is met (say a cap has been reached) and a redirect Offer is not chosen for a Campaign or the Offer a level above, the system will look for a redirect Offer specified for that Vertical for cupCAKE to redirect users to instead. So the redirect path is: 1) Campaign, 2) Offer Contract (if using Affiliate Tiers), 3) Vertical, and finally if none is listed at any of those levels, cupCAKE will redirect the user to the Global Redirect.
Please note that certain types of redirect conditions will default directly to the Global Redirect (inactive, blocked or blacklisted entities and of course, where directly specified).

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