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Campaigns - Caps Tab

This outlines what can be controlled on the Caps tab of the Campaign card.

Paid Redirects: By default, this feature is enabled. In an Offer or Vertical Redirect situation, CAKE Basic will auto create a Campaign for the Affiliate if one does not exist for the new Offer. If the Redirect results in a Conversion, the Affiliate will receive payment.

Click Cap, Conversion Cap and Lead Cap (Lead Cap is in LeadGen ONLY): Functions the same as the Click Cap, Conversion Cap and Lead Cap on the Offer Card. This feature is specific to the Campaign.

* If a cap interval has not been selected from the drop down, the offer &/or campaign will continue to accept traffic until that cap has been met.

Redirect Offer: A Redirect Offer can be set at the Campaign level which will take precedence over all other redirects set at higher levels.

Redirect 404: As an alternate to an actual redirect Offer, you can also specify that redirects for this campaign should go to a 404 instead.

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