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Offers - Creatives: How To Add An Email Creative

This document will outline how to add an Email Creative

Creatives are added to Offers directly and will be shared with any Affiliate who has a Campaign with the Offer.

CAKE Basic supports many different types of Creatives, including Email Creatives.

Click on the Creatives Tab within the Offer Card to access the Creative Upload Wizard.

There are several options available when creating a new Email Creative

1) Cloud Host Media Files:CAKE Basic provides an optional feature that allows for image hosting. This allows you to upload an HTML file with images and then host these images so that the Affiliate only has to pull the HTML Code without the images.

2) Download Linked Images: This is an optional feature that will download any image files if your Advertiser provides you with an HTML Creative and the images within the HTML file are being hosted elsewhere. CAKE Basic will download these images so that they can be stored locally to your instance.

3) Status: Only Active Creatives will redirect properly and display in the Affiliate Portal. Alternatively, Creatives can be set to Inactive or Hidden.

4) Name: You can optionally name your Creative for display purposes.

Once completed with all previous steps, click Next to review and Finish to transition to the File Upload Wizard where you will select the file from your Computer.

You can choose an image file, HTM file, HTML file or a Text File.

1) Click on the Add File(s) button to select your file

2) Click on the Upload File(s) button to finish the process.

If CAKE detects a .txt, .htm or .html file, the Edit File(s) Card will open, which will allow you to modify the content of the code.

It is here that you can replace any URL's provided by the Advertiser with Affiliate Tracking Links.
This can be accomplished by replacing the URL's highlighted in red with the CAKE token, #url#.

#ubsub# can be used to replace any Opt-out or Unsubscribe links if you are using an Unsubscribe service that generates links within CAKE Basic.

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