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Verticals - Offers

The Offer Tab of the Vertical card lists all of the Offers that are associated to this Vertical.

This view displays some basic information about this Advertiser's Offers:

  • Name: This is the Name of the Offer. Clicking on the Offer will open the Offer Card
  • Advertiser: This is the Advertiser associated to the Offer. Clicking the Advertiser will open the Advertiser Card
  • Type: The cupCAKE Offer type. The terminology may be confusing but it's more an internal identification so the system knows what actions to factor into tracking
    • 3rd Party: This will be the only type you see for standard cupCAKE clients
    • Host-n-Post: Only available for Lead Gen clients, this Offer type is designed for real-time lead distribution. Leads sent to a host and post Offer will either sell at the time of receipt or be discarded, not to be sold again.
    • Hosted: Only available for Lead Gen clients, this Offer type is designed for lead distribution with a little leniency. Leads who do not have available Buyers at the time of receipt can be held onto for cupCAKE to try to sell continously until the lead age has expired.
  • Status: Status of accessibility for Affiliates, the possible options are 1) Public, 2) Apply to Run, or 3) Private.
  • Link: This is the Offer Link associated to the Offer. This does NOT go through a cupCAKE redirect link and nothing will track in cupCAKE through this link.
  • SSL: This indicates whether the SSL checkbox is checked for this Offer requiring pixels to be secure (https)
  • Created: The date the Offer was created

You can add an Offer directly from this tab using the Add Offer button.
The right-most icon is to delete Offers.

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