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The Offer Card

Here is a tour of the Offer Card in CAKE Basic

Offer Card - Home Tab

As you can see, a few tabs have been renamed, and removed. This document will walk you through all the changes. From this view, you can see there are a few main tabs that have been removed (Blacklist, Allowed Traffic, Upsells, Email, Affiliate Portal) You can also see some new tabs (Traffic, Affiliate, Contracts). There are also changes to the sub tabs. The removed tabs include: Cookies and Tiers. The new sub tab is Attribution.

Offer Card - Traffic - Targeting

Allowed Traffic has now been renamed to Traffic. The new Traffic tab contains Geo Targeting, Rules, Allowed Media Types and Blacklists. The above screen shot shows our new Targeting option. Targeting includes the same options as our previous Allowed Traffic tab in reguard to Geo Targeting and Rules. The following two screen shots will show more detail on Media Types and Blacklists.

Offer Card - Traffic - Media Types

The Media Types tab will allow you to select the Offer's allowed media types.

Offer Card - Contracts

Offer Contracts have been moved from the Advanced tab to the new "Contracts" tab. Also located under the new tab is the ability to add Payouts, Links, Caps, etc at the Offer Contract level. Now, everything related to your Offer Contracts will be stored in one place.

Offer Card - Affiliates - Email

The new Affiliate tab will include Email info (suppression lists, allowed from and subject lines and unsubscribe links), as well as Affiliate Portal information.

Offer Card - Affiliates - Affiliate Portal

The informtion in this area is what will show to your Affiliates in the Affiliate Portal. This is where you can enter an Offer Description, state any restrictions for running the offer, input Advertiser Extended Terms and any Testing Instructions.

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