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The CAKE Basic Posting Document - Server Post

Posting Document - Server Post

There are 3 possible variations of the CAKE Basic Posting Document.

    - Server Post
    - Browser HTTP Post
    - HTTP AJAX Post

By default, the CAKE Basic Posting Document will default to the Server Post option.  The Server Post option is most commonly used when an Affiliate is posting leads directly to CAKE Basic.

What is required/needed when choosing to use the Server Post option:

    - The Server Post option will ALWAYS require ckm_campaign_id and ckm_key

    - ckm_campaign_id is a unique value assigned to the Affiliate for the Offer the Posting Document is


    - ckm_key is a unique password assigned to the Affiliate for this Campaign.

Posting URL

The Posting URL section of the Posting Document is where the Affiliate can find the Posting URL along with an example of a Post String containing all of the required fields.

Posting Tests

The Posting Tests section of the Posting Document outlines two possible methods for sending in a "test" post.

The two possible methods of posting a test lead to CAKE Basic are:

- The value “ckm_test=1” can be added to the Post String (method 1)

- Passing “ckmtest” in either “first_name”, “last_name” or “address” (method 2)

Responses Section:
The Responses section of the Posting Document outlines the possible Responses that CAKE Basic will send after a lead has been submitted.
The most important Response the Affiliate will want to take note of is our “Success” response.

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