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CAKE Basic Router

This is a brief explanation of some key features of the CAKE router. These features are designed to make the workflow of our clients smoother and cleaner.

Router Release

The following information is in regards to the logic behind the CAKE Posting and Router logic.


  • Clearly see why a lead hasn’t sold yet to any qualifying buyer in the vertical
  • Clearly see why any buyer(s) didn’t qualify for a lead at the time of sale
  • Clearly see why one buyer (or multiple buyers) “won” over any other buyer(s)


  • Manual Optimization is not necessary

Visible Changes

Inside a lead card under the Buyers tab, there are hyperlinks to the Buyer, Buyer Contract, and Disposition of sale. These hyperlinks make it easy to track down and quickly resolve issues or make adjustments to your Post-Tree. Now you can hone in on exact areas of the system no matter what the business model.

The dispositions column in here will be extremely useful in understanding sale attempts of each lead. With the dispositions tab, the reasons why a Lead did/didn't do something are 100% apparent with this feature showing a very clear audit trail.

Weighted Price:
The weighted price is an algorithm that calculates the perceived price based on a few factors. Delivered Weight, Rejected Weight, and Average Response Time. This visual aid will make it clearly to those who would like to see a breakdown of the math involved in the price weighting. The price weighting feature helps weed out possible qualified buyers due to a perceived price.


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